Convenience of Single Cup Coffee Maker

A Single Cup Coffee Maker is like having a coffee shop at home

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More and more people are brewing their coffee at home. Though cafes will always have a place in the social life of people, many also enjoy a fresh cup of this popular beverage at home. With this, single cup coffee makers have enjoyed resurgence in popularity. Owning one such machine has its perks ensuring that it will continue to have a place in the kitchen of coffee lovers everywhere.

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My Favorite Single Cup Coffee Maker

I used to go have my coffee every morning at Starbucks, wait in line and pay 6$ for my large coffee. While I love to hold that Starbucks logo in my hands, walking down the strip looking like a financial Guru, I was looking to save some money and travel around the country.So, I bought the Keurig K-Cup Home Brewer, it’s a nice little coffee maker that cost around 120$ at Amazon and the pods come to around 0.80$ each.

That gives you an ROI of about a month by cutting one cup of coffee at those big coffee chains. The machine has many good reviews online and is rated 4/5 stars for 313 reviews. Here are the Online product reviews

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Benefits of Owning a Single Cup Coffee Maker

There are many benefits to having a single cup coffee maker in your kitchen. One is the ease and convenience that comes with it. Just prep the machine and switch it on and you have a fresh cup of hot coffee in just 60 seconds or less. The waiting time is fast and the drink is always fresh. Gone are the days of bitter and old tasting coffee that has sat in the pot for far too long.

This type of machine also allows for variety. You have the option of preparing many other hot beverages such as tea, hot chocolate and even those famed espresso based drinks. So, family members or visiting friends can get the choice of beverage or flavor that they want. You never have to worry about the excess drinks that might end up wasted. Best of all, you get to enjoy better tasting beverages than the average instant flavored coffee you see in the grocery store.

Another good thing about this type of kitchen equipment is that it is not too bulky. It is small and compact so it won’t take too much space on your counter. You can keep it in the cupboard or place it in a spot that will not get in your way when you move around your kitchen. Plus, there are now many models in various colors available in the market. You can choose from black, red, modern style, or stainless, whatever style that will fit your kitchen decor.

Single Cup Coffee Maker Drawbacks

Of course in anything, there will always be drawbacks. One possible problem that could crop up is that there is no standard single cup coffee maker. So each brand has its own method of making a beverage. This can cause confusion but the best thing to do is to make sure that you buy the correct kind of “packet” for your particular machine.

Further, its own strength can also be its own weakness. Sure, it’s nice to make a fresh cup of coffee one at a time but it can be annoying when you have to make one for a lot of people and there’s so little time. Price is also an issue. Some of the best single serve coffee machines are generally more expensive that the average drip makers. The same goes for serving packages. In the long run, per cup of coffee made with a single cup coffee maker is more expensive than a cup of regular drip coffee. Lastly, there are more brands of coffee available in the market for drip machines compared to the single serve so you have a limited choice when it comes to coffee brands.

After seeing the advantages and disadvantages of owning a single cup coffee maker, it’s up to the consumer to decide if the advantages far outweigh the benefits. For many though, the comfort that a single cup of freshly made coffee beverage brings is worth it all!

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